About Conscious Capitalism

Introduction to Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism builds on the foundations of Capitalism - voluntary exchange, entrepreneurship, competition, freedom to trade and the rule of law.

These are essential to a healthy functioning economy, as are other elements of Conscious Capitalism including trust, compassion, collaboration and value creation.

Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating the theory and practice of Conscious Capitalism through events, presentations, publications and social media.

We also support an emerging network of Conscious Capitalism Chapters, which serve as communities of inquiry for business leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants and others.

The Four Principles of Conscious Capitalism


Higher Purpose:

In the words of University of Virginia Darden School of Business professor and Conscious Capitalism, Inc. trustee R. Edward Freeman, “We need red blood cells to live (the same way a business needs profits to live), but the purpose of life is more than to make red blood cells (the same way the purpose of business is more than simply to generate profits).”

While making money is essential for the vitality and sustainability of a business, it is not the only or even the most important reason a business exists. Conscious businesses focus on their purpose beyond profit.

We all need meaning and purpose in our lives. It is one of the things that separates us from other animals. Purpose activates us and motivates us. It moves us to get up in the morning, sustains us when times get tough and serves as a guiding star when we stray off course. Conscious Businesses provide us with this sense of meaning and purpose.

By focusing on its deeper Purpose, a conscious business inspires, engages and energizes its stakeholders. Employees, customers and others trust and even love companies that have an inspiring purpose.

Stakeholder Orientation:

Pioneering naturalist John Muir observed that, “When you tug at a single thing in nature, you find it attached to the rest of the world.” Such is the case with business, which is an intricate and interconnected web of relationships.

Unlike some businesses that believe they only exist to maximize return on investment for their shareholders, Conscious Businesses focus on their whole business ecosystem, creating and optimizing value for all of their stakeholders, understanding that strong and engaged stakeholders lead to a healthy, sustainable, resilient business.

They recognize that, without employees, customers, suppliers, funders, supportive communities and a life-sustaining ecosystem, there is no business. Conscious Business is a win-win-win proposition, which includes a healthy return to shareholders.

Conscious Leadership:

Robert Greenleaf, author of Servant Leadership observed that “Good leaders must first become good servants.”

Conscious Leaders focus on “we,” rather than “me.” They inspire, foster transformation and bring out the best in those around them.

They understand that their role is to serve the purpose of the organization, to support the people within the organization and to create value for the all of the organization’s stakeholders. They recognize the integral role of culture and purposefully cultivate a Conscious Culture of trust and care.

Conscious Culture:

“Culture eats strategy for lunch.” Famed management guru Peter Drucker didn’t mince words, and he knew how to identify and articulate the keys to success in business.

Culture is the embodied values, principles and practices underlying the social fabric of a business, which permeate its actions and connects the stakeholders to each other and to the company’s purpose, people and processes.

A Conscious Culture fosters love and care and builds trust between a company’s team members and its other stakeholders. Conscious Culture is an energizing and unifying force, that truly brings a Conscious Business to life.

Board of Directors

Amber Barnes - Founder and President


Amber is the founder and president of Conscious Capitalism Northern Nevada. She founded StartHuman in 2011 to improve workplace experiences by building better leaders.

Before starting her business, Amber worked at Wells Fargo where she worked as a coach, trainer, and consultant within Learning and Development as well as a branch manager in retail banking. Prior to financial services, she worked in the funeral industry wearing multiple hats - including funeral director, HR, marketing, and management.

Amber has a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in organization development. She's also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and holds certifications in multiple leadership and organization development methodologies and assessments.

In her free time, she pursues outdoor adventures with her husband Jason and their two labs, Guinness and Finn. A native Nevadan, Amber loves volunteering as a coach for Girls on the Run and serving on variety of committees within the community. Passionate about healthy humaning, Amber dedicates her professional contributions to leadership development.

David Hartman - Co Founder and Secretary

Dogma Consulting

As co-founder and acting secretary of Conscious Capitalism of Northern Nevada, Dave is currently the CEO of Dogma Consulting, a consulting firm focused on interim management and operational transformation. A strength and continued focal point is that of his passion for growing, motivating, and leading global fast-paced talented teams in a vast variety of business areas.

Upon starting his own firm, Dave leveraged a 24-year tenure with Microsoft, holding a senior management position as well as numerous roles across a multitude of global organizations. Having moved to Reno in 1997 to assist with opening their operations center, he was a key driver in Microsoft’s growth into the Reno market and has received numerous Microsoft management and leadership awards, and accolades.

Dave has integrated himself into the community and has formed purposeful collaboration with many local thought leaders; continuing his devotion for building and growing strategic alliances. What he refers to as the “Dogma Difference” encompasses client focused services based on 3 principles; that of uncompromised MORALS, high INTEGRITY, and RESPECT. He quotes Sir Richard Branson with, “A business is simply an idea to make other people's lives better."

Dave gives back to the Reno community through mentoring, coaching, and teaching as time allows. He is also active in the cycling community as president of the Audi Cycling Team and assists in the organization of the Tour de Nez cycling classic.

Stefan Weber - Founding Team Member and Treasurer

Dogma Consulting

Stefan Weber is the Co-founder of Dogma Consulting. Having worked in International Business for over 20 years, he is happy to call Reno his home.

After growing up in Germany, Stefan spent some time in Asia to study the local languages and cultures, then continued to work for a German corporation doing business in the U.S. Here, he worked in a variety of areas including customer relationship management, supply chain, projects management, account management and business process outsourcing. He lead over 800 employees and managed accounts for Fortune 500 companies like Apple and Microsoft; he created cost efficiencies, team synergies, continuous improvements, business transformation strategies, and business development opportunities.

After spending a number of years in Reno running an international team as a Global Business Director, Stefan decided to take on a new challenge by working for Amgen in southern California, this allowed him to be responsible for developing a more efficient approach around the global outsourcing strategy and run the vendor management office.

Stefan received his masters in International Business in San Diego.

Mark Trujillo - Founding Team Member

Hub Coffee

Born and raised in Reno, Trujillo graduated from the University of Nevada and soon entered the workforce as a distributor for Western Nevada Supply. After 20 years in the work force Trujillo’s fascination with South and Central America lead him to find his passion in the coffee industry.

In 2009 Trujillo opened the Hub Coffee Company. Trujillo started the company with his two kids, Jessica and Joey with the true belief that the Hub is about more than just coffee. For him the Hub was about some important values in his life, like cycling, community, and coffee. Trujillo has raced road bikes for years and wanted to bring his life’s passions together hence the name “Hub”. The Hub is not only where all the spokes on the wheel of a bike come together, but also where people can come together into a community.

Lindsay Bradley - Board of Directors

Simco Imported Shoes, Inc.

Born in Arizona and residing in Reno for nearly 20 years, Lindsay has had the unique opportunity to contribute to the success of numerous companies within a variety of industries.

She began her career in the financial industry and transitioned into business operations for dental practices for a number of years. Because she has always had a passion for technology and people, it only seemed natural to jump at the opportunity to be part of a Reno ground floor tech start up, iWebVisit.com. This path led Lindsay to becoming an established Project Manager, Software Trainer and HR professional.

Her tenacity for knowledge and helping businesses achieve more afforded her an invitation to join a local HR consulting firm to provide an array of hands on services to both large and small companies in Northern Nevada.Lindsay eventually pursued her Project Management expertise which led to consulting on multi-million dollar contract projects for Microsoft. Lindsay is now in her first large scale leadership role as the Operations Manager for a family-owned women’s shoe distribution company. (Talk about every girl’s dream to work for a shoe company!)

Each of her career opportunities has allowed Lindsay to gain valuable insight into many areas of business. By working closely alongside a variety of business owners, she was able to begin recognizing the attributes of businesses that are “consciously” doing things differently. Her biggest goal for being a part of this Organization is to not only continue to educate and inspire entrepreneurs/business owners on how to incorporate conscious principles into their companies but also motivate individuals who wish to grow into a meaningful leadership positions.

Terri Ogden - Board of Directors

Estipona Group

Terri is the Director of Client Services at Estipona Group. She joined Estipona Group after working with CTV Media, Inc. for the past nine years. Terri served as a media planner and buyer, managing national sales campaigns with multi-million dollar budgets for a wide3 variety of clients including, women’s retailer Lane Bryant, Simon Malls, EA Sport, a slew of fast food restaurants including, KFC, Arby’s, McDonald’s and Marie Callender’s, Israel Ministry of Tourism and Suzuki North America.

Prior to working with CTV Media, Terri was a TV news producer for CBS affiliates in Reno and Las Vegas, and worked as an account coordinator and production manager at a Reno-based advertising agency where she serviced clients including, Q&D Construction, University of Nevada, and Dickson Realty.

A nearly native Nevadan, Terri is a graduate of the University of Nevada’s Reynolds School of Journalism. She left the area for eight years with her husband and daughter so her husband could follow his dream of studying at Ohio State University to become an optometrist. While there, Terri had another child and became a Buckeyes fan, but ultimately, the call of the Pack was too strong. In 2014, Terri returned to Reno and her Wolf Pack with her husband, two daughters, a cat and a dog in tow.

Emily Little - Board of Directors

Emily is an active learner who enjoys collecting knowledge through on the job experience. This drive has led her to work in the world of startups. While living in the Midwest, Emily worked in several different industries from a C corp focused on design work and fundraising for nonprofits to the first FDA Approved cricket farm dedicated to raising crickets for human consumption in America. Her most recent startup experience is a bleeding edge containers as a service platform that brought her to the west coast.

After only a short time here in Reno, Emily was immediately inspired by the passionate community so driven to create sustained innovative growth. She is excited to leverage her minor in sociology and specialization in economics, which allows for both a quantitative and community focused integrative thinking, to bring her unique brand of improvisational problem solving to Reno. She is encouraged by the amazing projects happening across the city and cannot wait to contribute!

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